Egg Formula

Match three or more colored eggs! Hatch and collect trophy creatures which are hidden behind certain levels. Boost your karma and dominate the leaderboards! Enjoy!

Egg Formula is a match 3 puzzle egg game. Match eggs, collect trophies!

Switch and match three or more eggs in a row or column. The level is completed when you reach a given number of level points within a given number of moves.

Each completed level adds to your karma and helps you to advance through the game ranks and leaderboards.

Your mission is to complete all levels, collect all trophy characters which are hidden behind certain levels and dominate the karma leaderboards.

Move down coins, break the ice, break wall tiles and earn points easier by generating a special and super special eggs. You can earn bonus points by completing L-chain and T-chain of eggs.

Egg Formula is very easy to learn and can help you relax and fill the time while at home or waiting or commuting in a public transportation.

Egg Formula is free to play but some optional in-game items may require payment.

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Enjoy ;)

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